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In light of the recent news from around the world

Here is a helpful article on how to discuss upsetting events with our children:
How to Explain the News to Your Children

Play is learning too! JRCS is proud to offer a play-based Kindergarten!

JRCS saw a large increase in Kindergarten applications this year which led them to open a 3rd kindergarten classroom.  Just like the rest of their curriculum, JRCS also offers adifferent approach to their Kindergarten – a play-based curriculum.

Recently, many reports have been published disproving the idea that the earlier kids start formal classroom work and learning to read, the better off they are later on. In fact, quite the opposite may be true.  According to an article study by the Alliance for Childhood and Defending the Early Years, “Research shows greater gains from play-based programs than from kindergartens with a more academic focus…especially in the social-emotional realm.

Donald Samson, our Director of Curriculum agrees, “Kindergarten at Juniper Ridge addresses the whole child, from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads. Through teacher-guided activities as well as independent creative play, the children learn through imitation, rhythm, routine, song, movement and social play how to relate to themselves, to others and toward their environment”.

For more information about our kindergarten curriculum, please click here.

Questions and Answers with Donald Samson, our Director of Curriculum

Join us every Monday evening on our Facebook page to see the latest question answered by Donald.  Donald will be tackling a variety of questions – big and small – that we hear from current and prospective families.  Do you have a specific question?  Post it on Facebook or email it to and Donald will post an answer.

Go here to see the questions that have already been answered.

Juniper Ridge was highlighted on the local Channel 5 news!


Letter to the Editor – Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Juniper Ridge Community School’s response to the article in the Daily Sentinel identifying us as a “Turnaround School”.
Letter to the Editor from Administrative Director, Patrick Ebel



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