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Juniper Ridge Recorder Issue 5

The rains have delayed progress, but they cannot hold us back!  The spirit of Juniper Ridge moves forward.  Our modulars are being set into place as I write.  Next week, the inside of our farmhouse will get a new coat of paint.  There are so many people moving us forward in so many ways.

Here, Dragon, Dragon
The dragon season is upon us.  Have you seen the one lurking out beyond the ropes course behind the church?  No?  Then join us next Thursday, September 26 when Knight Michael takes arms against the fearsome, hoarding creature.  Here is the schedule for the day:
12 noon – all classes will gather at the berm at the edge of the parking lot.  We will hear stories of the dragon, and admire the dragon’s hoard that we have collected (have you sent in any non-perishable items yet—we are counting on your participation).
Our assembly will culminate with the enacted imagination of Michael’s battle with the dragon (and we don’t yet know who will come out victorious!).
12:45 pm–Children will fetch their lunches for our all-school picnic which we will hold on the lawn where the assembly was held.  Please note: microwave and hot water will not be available.  Send a picnic with your child that will not require warming up.
1-1:30–Picnic on the lawns.
1:45  pm–The Games begin!
We will conclude our games around 3 pm.
Dismissal at 3:30 pm.
We are still in need for volunteers to come and run some of the games.  If you have the time and a sense for fun, please contact Shawnalee or Crystal at volunteer@juniperridgeschool.org.

Halloween Costume Guidelines
It seems much too early to speak about Halloween, but since costumes are beginning to go on sale, we had best address it now rather than after you have purchased them.  For costumes that will be worn at school at the end of the day, October 31:
–No scantily dressed girls
–No blood or gore makeup (save that for your evening outings)
–We request archetypal images rather than media-driven ones.  That means, if the costume character comes from a movie, comic or computer game, we encourage you to keep looking.
–Toy weapons as part of your child’s costume are permitted.  However, only with the understanding that the weapon may not be drawn while in school.
We understand if you have already bought your child’s costume and it does not follow these guidelines.  However, we are putting this out early with the expectation that exceptions will be few.

Attendance Policy
As requested last week, if your child is going to be late or absent, due to illness, physician’s appointment or other reasons, please call Tammy by 8:30 am at 639-0884.  If absences of any kind are not communicated to the office, students will be marked unexcused.  It is important for the continuity of your child’s learning that school is attended on a regular basis.  If absences become excessive, we will contact parents to meet in order to establish an attendance plan.
Children coming late to class disrupt the flow of the opening of the day by being out of step with the rest of the group.  Not only are the children who are late affected, but so are all classmates they come in contact with.  At Juniper Ridge, we have determined that following five (5) tardies/late arrivals, we will meet with parents to set up an attendance plan.

Spring Bulb Planting
Right now spring bulbs are going on sale, and we are looking to bring our new campus to life.  Please start sending to school fortified spring bulbs.  Once we are moved, we will use them for a spring bulb planting around the end of October or beginning of November.  Thank You!!!

School Photos
School photos are Monday, September 23 beginning at 10:45am and going throughout the day. Please make sure your child has the photo card that was sent home in last Thursday’s folder. If you sent it back in, the teacher has it and will get it to your child.

The Seven R’s of Waldorf Education
We’ve all heard of the three R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic.  But there are four more??  Come to our first Parent Enrichment Evening for a light-hearted look into what makes Waldorf Education so unique.  Our own Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Donald Samson will speak and happily answer any questions you bring.
Wednesday, October 2 at 7 pm in Room 200 at the Church (where we held our opening day)
There will be no childcare available.

Parent Council
Our next Parent Council Meeting is Tues. Oct. 8 at 7pm in the 4th Grade Classroom.  Newcomers are welcome!

They make an excellent source of much needed funding for our school.  If you have the time, please come and join our grant-writing committee.  Although we’re about getting down to business, we also like to laugh and have a good time doing it.  Please email Nicole at nmiller@juniperridgeschool.org if you are interested.

Box tops
Are you still collecting your box tops?  Remember to send them in!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and volunteered in the Juniper Ridge 1st Annual Walk-A-Thon. It was so much fun. We walked around Canyon View Park 3 times! It was also a very successful fundraiser, grossing over $4,000. Thank you to Fruit Basket (JRCS Parent, Kristin Fenwick) for donating the apples!
Visit Fruit Basket at 253 32 1/2 Rd or call, 434-5309

Dinner at Chipotle!
Tuesday, October 15 from 4pm-8pm
50% of your bill goes to JRCS. We must submit the receipt and flyer with your order.
Flyers will be distributed soon! Please pass them on to EVERYONE you know.

Juniper Ridge Tea Blend
Thank you to Orrs Trading Company, located at 639 Main St. GJ,  who made a delicious tea blend called Juniper Ridge! A portion of all sales go to Juniper Ridge field trip fund! Thank you Orrs, what a wonderfully creative idea!

Did you know….

JRCS Mission Statement
At Juniper Ridge Community School thoughtful, committed teachers and attentive, involved families join to inspire children to participate in their own education, by cultivating compassion and caring for themselves, each other, and the natural world. Students emerge from Juniper Ridge as confident, self-reliant individuals, who mindfully enrich their own lives, preserve and protect the earth, and productively contribute to broad and diverse communities.

JRCS Vision Statement
Juniper Ridge Community School awakens children to the wonder and joy of learning through nature combined with the living arts, academics, and the role these elements play in the development of the whole child. Our school nurtures creativity, individuality, and independent thinking so children have vast opportunity to pursue educational excellence, thus entering their community and the world with confidence, competence and compassion.


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