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The Results of Waldorf Education

The Research Institute for Waldorf Education has compiled data from Waldorf graduates throughout North America. Highlights from their research show:

  • 94% of Waldorf graduates attend college
  • 51% of Waldorf graduates pursue advanced degrees
  • 42% of Waldorf graduates choose science as a major in college
  • 89% of Waldorf graduates are highly satisfied in their choice of occupation

Three Key Findings About Waldorf Graduates:

  • Waldorf graduates think for themselves and value the opportunity to translate their new ideas into practice. They both value and practice life-long learning and have a highly developed sense of aesthetic.
  • Waldorf graduates value lasting human relationships, and they seek out opportunities to be of help to other people.
  • Waldorf graduates say they are guided by an inner moral compass that helps them navigate the trials and temptations of professional and private life. They carry high ethical principles into their chosen professions.

A condensed version of the large study can be found HERE

A full version of the report can be found here: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3


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