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JRCS 2016 Halloween Information

Halloween is creeping up on us!  Here are the Halloween plans for JRCS for 2016:

Halloween Parade

At the end of the school day on October 31, 2016 we will have a Halloween Costume Parade for all students that would like to participate. Students who do not wish to participate are welcome to stand on the sidelines and enjoy the display of costumes.

Children may not arrive to school in their costumes.  We will have a normal school day (well, as normal as the spooks allow), reserving the last period of the day for changing into costumes and parading. Parents are welcome to come view and participate in the Halloween parade.  All visitors MUST check in at the office when they arrive.

Kindergarten children will have their chance to parade through the classrooms before the end of their regular school day at 12:30.

Since we are a school, we have guidelines on what is appropriate for walking in the daytime parade.  Please make sure that your students costume follows the following guidelines:
Halloween Costume Guidelines:

  • No scantily dressed children
  • No blood or gore makeup (save that for your evening outings)
  • We request archetypal images rather than media-driven ones.  That means, if the costume character comes from a movie, comic or computer game, we encourage you to keep looking. Images may be taken from any stories told in our rich curriculum.
  • Toy weapons as part of your child’s costume are permitted.  However, they are allowed with the understanding that the weapon may not be drawn while in school. Children who cannot respect this, will have their weapons confiscated until it is time to go home.
  • We reserve the right to not allow costumes that we deem to be inappropriate or gratuitously violent in nature.

These guidelines only apply to our Halloween parade at school.

Late Start on Tuesday, November 1st

The start of school will be delayed by 1 hour on Tuesday, November 1st and start at 9:20 am. No students will be considered tardy before this time. Students are welcome to be dropped off at the normal start time (8:20 am) and will assist teachers in reorganizing the classroom after the previous night’s festivities until the school day starts.

Please Join us on Halloween night for the
4th Annual JRCS Halloween Journey!

Halloween Journey is open to the public so please bring your friends and family for this magical night.
Contact your Class Parent if you would like to volunteer for this fun event.


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