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An Update on Social Care at JRCS

An update on Social Care at JRCS
written by Social Care Coordinator, Alice Dussart

At the start of this school year our school took up the work of beginning to implement the Three Care Streams Process that was developed by long-time educator, counselor, and expert in child development, Kim John Payne. Many of you were fortunate enough to hear Kim speak at the commencement of the school year.

The Three Care Streams Process is a way of supporting children through a well-coordinated and well-rounded process that aims to move children from challenge to resolution. The branches of the process are the therapeutic and learning support, behavioral care, and the social care.

For my part, I have been asked to take up the role of Social Care Coordinator and I must say I am truly LOVING it! My goals with this position at this time are to address individual student’s social needs as they arise, to provide professional support to our faculty, and to build a strong Student Social Action Committee with the children in our 8th grade class.
I have had the opportunity to meet with the 8th graders three times thus far and I must say these children are making my heart swell with appreciation and pride in the upstanding and cooperative young men and women that they have grown to be.

During our first bit of time together we discussed different aspects of our school’s need for their leadership and the students divided themselves up into three different committees: social support and coaching (helping our younger schoolmates aim to meet their own inner nobilities), environment (project-based work to help our campus meet its inner nobility), and community care (educational and social outreach projects that help our entire school’s inner nobility to shine).

All children in the 8th grade are receiving coaching and guidance from myself or Ms. Christensen in their respective committees and have shown great compassion, enthusiasm, and vision. Many of you likely saw our community committee’s first project being played out during one of our Friday assemblies. The children in this group saw the need to educate our community about the importance of and process of recycling at our school and developed lively skit.  They wrote, produced, and performed their skit completely on their own had the whole school body singing their rally song through the halls all day!

I am tremendously honored to have been called upon to take on the Social Care needs at Juniper Ridge Community School this year and I look forward to being able to report to you about the progress of this Care Stream. If you have any questions about the work being done in the Social Care Stream at JRCS please feel free to email me at Adussart@juniperridgeschool.org .


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