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The Quality of Numbers #WaldorfWednesdays

Currently, in the 1st grade classrooms they are working on their first mathematical block, The Quality of Numbers.

As with all academic blocks in a Waldorf school, it is the aim of the teacher to lead the children to the content in way that evokes the child’s full senses and leaves them with a strong sense of feeling for the material being learned.

Working with the very building blocks of mathematics is no different. Rather than learning numbers in a rote and mechanical manner our teachers, Mrs. Kuhns and Mrs. Torfin are deftly weaving imaginative stories around the very quality of each number.

For example, consider the number one. What is one? Where do we see and feel one-ness in our world and within ourselves? We are one, there is one sun, one earth, one moon, we have one heart.

By building a feeling around the essence of numbers we give the children a deeper base to draw from when the time comes for them to work with the abstract nature of numbers and mathematics.


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