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The Administrative and Office Staff is dedicated to running the business and operational side of the school and to providing service and support to our teachers so that they can focus their energy and attention on what is most important – the children’s education.

(Head of School/Pedagogical Director)

Kathleen first visited Juniper Ridge during a February break and worked with the teachers during a training day.   After leaving the school she could not stop thinking about the incredible energy and love she felt amongst people she had just met.   Shortly after she submitted her resume and interviewed for a class teacher position.  She was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a fabulous faculty and moved to Grand Junction and took a first grade class.  She has spent the last two years with this wonderful class and now in her third year she has moved into the role of Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

She looks forward to working more closely with the teachers and families of our community this year.    Before coming to Juniper Ridge, she taught at the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork and, before that, in the main stream public classroom.  She brings twenty-five years of teaching and mentoring experience of all ages to Juniper Ridge.  She also has two children who attend Juniper Ridge in the fourth and sixth grades.  Being involved in the Juniper Ridge community has made Grand Junction a home for them.

Judy Drake2

Judy Drake (Student Support Director)
Judy Drake has been teaching for twenty five years in the Grand Valley. She and her husband have been married for twenty-five years and have a daughter who is attending Graduate school at Colorado State University.  She also loves watching dance performances, especially ones her daughter has danced in. Judy at one time had a collection of over 5000 children’s books, and is passionate about sharing the love of reading.



(Administrative Director)

Tammy has lived in the Grand Valley since 2005 with her husband of 18 years and their two boys, ages 8 & 9.  She loves to knit and crochet and with the help of our Handwork Teacher she has learned how to spin wool to create her own yarn.   She enjoys camping, fishing, cooking, and lending a hand where ever needed.  Both her boys attend Juniper Ridge Community School and love helping out in the office when they get the chance.



(Development & Marketing Director)

Brenda is a native of Colorado. She was born in Grand Junction, raised in Moffat County, and came back to the valley to attend Colorado Mesa University.  She has a Bachelors of Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Business Management and a minor in Computer Information Business Systems.

As a mom of four, she spends most of her free time shuttling her kids around and most of her evenings and weekends at the soccer fields.  She also loves to read, hike, camp, travel, go to concerts, and work on her side project greenishpink.com.



CRYSTAL LARSON (Finance Director)

Crystal was born and raised in Florida and relocated to colorful Colorado in 2010 with her husband and two children, who are both enrolled at Juniper Ridge School.

She loves spending her free time in nature and exploring all the beautiful places that surround us.





LISA BOND (Office Manager)

Lisa Bond made the Grand Valley her home in 2007. She is a mother to four wonderful children.  She has a passion for music, art, and nature.







Celeste Monroe (Attendance/Receptionist)Coming Soon

Celeste moved to Grand Junction in 2014 after living in Nevada and Ohio. She raised 2 wonderful kids and has 4 grandkids. Celeste loves to bicycle and walk on the river trail. Her spirit animal is the Sloth.





Coming SoonMEGAN MURRAY (School Nurse)

Megan is our school nurse and has been with us since the inception of the school.  With a background in human development and family studies, Megan enjoys her roll working with kids with health needs to better their learning environment.  She lives with her husband and two children.  In her off-time, she enjoys cooking healthy, hiking with her family, spending time on the Mesa at their cabin, traveling and watching movies.




Coming SoonXANDER SCOTLAND (Grounds Coordinator)

Xander was born and raised in Ventura, CA and has been a resident of Grand Junction for the last 16 years. He is a father of three boys, ages 8, 10, and 12.

Xander enjoys painting, beekeeping, outdoor activities and turns all projects into art.