Juniper Ridge Recorder Issue 9

The Juniper Ridge Recorder October 24, 2013   Issue 9 Our New Home (take two) The work on preparing the classrooms continued over the fall break.  Desks were assembled, chairs pulled out of storage, and the painting very nearly finished.  There were so many families who generously donated their time and efforts to bring us this far.  We have passed our inspections, and this week
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Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy The Juniper Ridge Community School (JRCS) Discipline Policy is guided by our understanding that all children are unique and will be treated with love and respect. In every situation where our students require guidance in their behavior, every effort should be made to ascertain all of the contributing factors in order to find the correct solution specific to the situation and the
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Juniper Ridge Recorder Issue 7

Michaelmas Re-cap A big thank you to everyone who helped with Michaelmas! What a super fun festival for the students! It was only possible because so many parents rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. It looked like everyone had such a great time! A special thank you to Shawnalee for organizing the games so enthusiastically, efficiently and effectively.  We could not have done
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Juniper Ridge Recorder Issue 6

Parent Enrichment… …which means, we offer an evening for you to come and learn about how the teachers approach teaching your children, and what you can do to support their learning. Wednesday, October 2 at 7 pm in the fourth grade classroom. A presentation on The Seven R’s of Education with Donald Samson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. We are all familiar with the
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Juniper Ridge Recorder Issue 5

The rains have delayed progress, but they cannot hold us back!  The spirit of Juniper Ridge moves forward.  Our modulars are being set into place as I write.  Next week, the inside of our farmhouse will get a new coat of paint.  There are so many people moving us forward in so many ways. Here, Dragon, Dragon The dragon season is upon us.  Have
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Juniper Ridge on the News

Juniper Ridge was on the news two times this week! Check out the links!—223206421.html

Juniper Ridge Recorder -Thursday Folder 9/12

The Juniper Ridge Recorder September 12, 2013  Issue 4 I’m sure you have all excitedly been following the addition of more modulars to our school site.  The count is now nearly complete.  As soon as the rain lets up and the ground can harden again, the crews will come in and place the building in their new homes and put the pieces together.  We’re
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Thursday Folder Information

Every Thursday children will be sent home with a folder with important information from your teacher and from the school. Here is the latest Juniper Ridge Recorder! The Juniper Ridge Recorder August 29, 2013  Issue 2 The last three weeks have been a blur of new activities, finding our way in the labyrinth of the church, song, violins, poetry, story-telling, finger-knitting, Spanish, balls flying,
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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events: -Kindergarten Parent Meeting- Monday, August 26 at 7pm at Vineyard Church -Parent Council Meeting- Tuesday, August 27 at 7:30pm at Vineyard Church -No School- Monday, September 2 -School in Session- Friday, September 6 -Walk-A-Thon- Thursday, September 12- 10:45am Friendly Reminders: -Collect those Box Tops and Labels for Education! -Begin raising money for our first Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser! In Other News: Juniper Ridge will
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Opening Day at Juniper Ridge

Monday, August 12 was Juniper Ridge’s first day of school and it was a huge success! The Rose Ceremony began the school day and each child was given a flower welcoming them to the school.