Thursday Folder Information

Every Thursday children will be sent home with a folder with important information from your teacher and from the school. Here is the latest Juniper Ridge Recorder! The Juniper Ridge Recorder August 29, 2013  Issue 2 The last three weeks have been a blur of new activities, finding our way in the labyrinth of the church, song, violins, poetry, story-telling, finger-knitting, Spanish, balls flying,
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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events: -Kindergarten Parent Meeting- Monday, August 26 at 7pm at Vineyard Church -Parent Council Meeting- Tuesday, August 27 at 7:30pm at Vineyard Church -No School- Monday, September 2 -School in Session- Friday, September 6 -Walk-A-Thon- Thursday, September 12- 10:45am Friendly Reminders: -Collect those Box Tops and Labels for Education! -Begin raising money for our first Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser! In Other News: Juniper Ridge will
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Opening Day at Juniper Ridge

Monday, August 12 was Juniper Ridge’s first day of school and it was a huge success! The Rose Ceremony began the school day and each child was given a flower welcoming them to the school.

Kindergarten First Day- Tuesday August 13

Monday morning, August 12th, the Opening Ceremony for Juniper Ridge Community School will take place in the assembly room of the Vineyard Church.  This event will focus only on Grades 1-6. Even though the first day of Kindergarten will begin on Tuesday, we wholeheartedly invite you to be part of this new beginning of our school and community. If you choose to attend the
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Student Dress Code

Juniper Ridge Community School recognizes that all students have an intrinsic worth based upon who they are and not what they wear.  Whether we intend to or not, clothing is used both as an external expression of our own individuality, as well as an expression of the groups we align ourselves with. The dress code at Juniper Ridge is guided by three criteria: -Safety
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Snack and Lunch

During the school day, the children at Juniper Ridge will take a mid-morning break for snack.  At noon, they take another break for lunch.  Juniper Ridge does not have a snack or lunch program.  We do not have a cafeteria.  Students will eat in their classrooms. We encourage that every morning you give your children a nourishing protein-rich breakfast as a foundation for the
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First Day of School- August 12

OPENING DAY Our first day of school is just around the corner! Until our buildings are in place, we will be holding our classes at the Canyon View Vineyard Church at 736 24 1/2 Road. This opening ceremony is for children in Grades 1-6.  Kindergarten Parents, an email for you will follow this one. On Monday morning, if you have the time, walk with
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Charter Application

Here is a copy of the Charter Application submitted last October and approved on December 11!

Saturday Workday

Come to school and work on the grounds with us!


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