JRCS Recorder, Volume 4, Issue 10

JRCS Recorder, Volume 4, Issue 9

JRCS Recorder – Volume 4, Issue 8

2016 Michaelmas Festival

On Friday, September 30, 2016, Juniper Ridge Community School (JRCS) will celebrate Michaelmas.  Michaelmas,  as celebrated in our school and Waldorf schools worldwide, is the festival of courage and strength and is celebrated at the end of September as summer ends, fall begins, and the days are getting shorter and colder.  To honor this event, students will gather at a school wide (grades 1-9)
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Middle School

Middle school students are ready to be enthusiastic critical thinkers, observing the world around them and drawing their own conclusions. We help these young adolescents expand on the knowledge from intermediate school and relate that knowledge to their own lives and their community.  All this is done while maintaining their creativity and encouraging continued mind, body and ethical development. In these grades the practical
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JRCS Recorder – Volume 4, Issue 5

JRCS Recorder – Volume 4, Issue 4

JRCS Recorder – Volume 4, Issue 3

Kindergarten Rainbow Bridge Ceremony

  Kindergarten started today at Juniper Ridge Community School! Kindergarten parents gathered and watched their tender offspring cross the Rainbow Bridge to be received into the Butterfly, Cottonwood or Rainbow Kindergarten. We saw a lot of happy and excited faces and a few tears (mostly from Moms and Dads) as the children were greeted by their teachers and welcomed into the school.

Rose Ceremony

Each school year at Juniper Ridge Community School begins with a Rose Ceremony. Today, we started by introducing all the teachers that have joined us – and there were a lot! We are really growing!!  The new and returning faculty joined together on stage to welcome the school with a song. The student body then welcomed all the new students 2nd – 9th grade
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