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Beeswax Candle Dipping

This past Friday, as a special December treat, students in grades 1st-8th had an opportunity to dip candles.  We hope that you will see these candles appear under your Christmas tree as a gift from your child. However, providing our students with a gift is not our primary reason for having them dip candles.  So it raises the question, why do we go to
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Buy your Spring Plants and Support the JRCS Garden Department

There is still time to buy plants! The JRCS Spring Plant Sale is ending this week. Your last chances to purchase organic plants, lovingly grown by our own JRCS students are: Wednesday, May 11, at afternoon pick-up, 3:30-4:00pm Thursday, May 12, at afternoon pick-up, 3:30-4:00pm Saturday, May 14, at JRCS, 9:00am to Noon If you don’t see the plant stand in the courtyard between
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The Results of Waldorf Education

The Research Institute for Waldorf Education has compiled data from Waldorf graduates throughout North America. Highlights from their research show: 94% of Waldorf graduates attend college 51% of Waldorf graduates pursue advanced degrees 42% of Waldorf graduates choose science as a major in college 89% of Waldorf graduates are highly satisfied in their choice of occupation Three Key Findings About Waldorf Graduates: Waldorf graduates think for themselves and value
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2nd Annual February Teacher Training at JRCS

  For three days during our February break, Juniper Ridge hosted our second annual February Conference. It is a custom among all Waldorf schools nationwide to take time during President’s Week to attend conferences for renewal and reinspiration. Rather than travel to the Front Range as we did in our first year, we decided to sponsor our own conference. Considering the rock slide that closed I-70 near Glenwood
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St. Lucia Day

  written by our Director of Curriculum, Donald Samson There is a very sweet custom to come out of Scandinavia that Waldorf Schools have adopted as one of their December festivals of light.  It is the celebration of Santa Lucia. This celebration is hosted by the second grade.  It is an opportunity to bring a bit of joy and magic to these dark, cold
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JRCS is proud to offer a play-based Kindergarten!

Play is learning too! JRCS is proud to offer a play-based Kindergarten! JRCS saw a large increase in Kindergarten applications this year which led them to open a 3rd kindergarten classroom.  Just like the rest of their curriculum, JRCS also offers adifferent approach to their Kindergarten – a play-based curriculum. Recently, many reports have been published disproving the idea that the earlier kids start
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