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End of Year Report

The End of the Year Report is a common feature in Waldorf Schools. We believe that grades on the report card do not give as full a picture of the child as we wish to share with the parents. The narrative report gives the teacher this added opportunity. In some ways, it is a continuation of the conversations you may have had with your teacher over the course of the year, either through phone calls, scheduled meetings, and parent- teacher conferences. It is the intention from the teachers that what you read will already be familiar information to you. It is intended to document areas where your child both struggles and excels which are not reflected in the report card. It begins with general observations, then moves on to address the academic areas of language arts and math, touches upon your child’s artistic development, and includes the usually overlooked topic of your child’s social contacts.

In the younger grades, this report is written adult to adult, and is meant “for your eyes only.” Feel free to share with your children aspects that are there, but we discourage that your sit them down and read it to them. It was not written with that intention. As the children grow older, the teachers are writing the reports with the consciousness that the curious child will likely be “reading over your shoulder” (or more likely, behind your back). Here you have the opportunity to share with your child the issues brought up and have an open dialogue at home.

As always, any questions or issues you may have with the content of the reports, please address them first to your child’s teacher. If there is need for further dialogue, please make a time to speak with either of our two administrators.