Rose Ceremony

miles2Each school year at Juniper Ridge Community School begins with a Rose Ceremony.

After a few words from Mr. Ebel, the student body welcomes all new teachers and new students 2nd – 8th grade that are joining us for the new school year.

Then, as each of our budding first grader’s name is called,  they are escorted by an eighth grade student to the stage to accept a rose from their new first grade teacher.

This simple ceremony is celebrated in many Waldorf schools around the world as a marker of an important transition for the children. Entering the grades iDrayas something many of the kindergartners have thought a lot about and looked forward to. The young children are entering a new phase in life — where schooling and community, away from parents, will support their budding sense of self, learning and individuality. The older children are entering into young adulthood and are ready to be leaders and guides in their own life and in their community.

After each first grader receives their rose, the student body is treated to a wonderful story told by one of the first grade teachers.

This event is a reflection of the beauty, kindness and care given to all students, each year, at JRCS.