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Special Education

Students who have been identified as having special needs will receive support based on their Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Students who are gifted or twice exceptional will receive consideration to meet their needs and make them successful in school. The RTI Process will be followed for students whose needs are not being met or for whom there are concerns. (See RTI below) An RTI meeting will be convened to discuss the needs of a child requiring special consideration. This team is made up of teachers, Administrative Director and parents of the child. Accommodations will be discussed to assist the child to become successful in areas of concern.

Response to Intervention (RTI)
Students who are below grade level, by our curriculum standards, will be given support to increase student achievement. In cases where a teacher realizes a student needs help, he/she will put accommodations in place to support the child’s learning. Progress made will be documented by the teacher to determine if this approach is working. If not, new accommodations should be put in place. Such RTIs will require follow up meetings to determine success of the accommodations and support systems. If they are not working, the plan will be altered until success is achieved.