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Middle School Teachers

Our extraordinarily caring, dedicated, and involved faculty and teachers are committed to public Waldorf educational values and ongoing training.

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Alice Dussart
(Fifth Grade)

Ms. Alice is beginning her 5th year and her 2nd time around teaching 6th grade here at Juniper Ridge Community School. In her downtime she loves exploring the great wide world with her son, Milo and playing music with friends.





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Kresta Christenson (Seventh Grade)

Kresta Christensen is teaching 6th grade. She has taught secondary mathematics in many different states since 1998. Kresta loves the many outdoor activities available to her in Utah and Colorado. Kresta enjoys rock climbing, kayaking, skydiving, base jumping, slacklining, and highlining. She has a passion for excitement and travel. She feels very much at home here, and plans to stay on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado for many years to come.



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dawncooper2aDAWN COOPER (Eighth Grade)

A very dynamic and student-centered educator, Dawn Cooper has dedicated her professional life to creating authentic learning experiences. She loves sharing this enthusiasm with her students and the community at Juniper Ridge Community School.

Dawn brings an extensive and diverse instructional background- in the back country and in the classroom. She has 10 years of classroom teaching experience in traditional and non-traditional school settings. She has developed and run wilderness academic summer programs and place-based after-school programs for youth. Dawn’s love of learning has led her to live, travel, and study around the world.

When not teaching, Dawn can be found sharing her passion for mountain biking and local adventures through her business, Boneshaker Adventures, or welcoming travelers from around the world to the guesthouse she runs out of her home.

Dawn loves being outside, cooking, traveling, dancing, and exploring in her VW Westfalia with her two dogs.


(Educational Assistant – 5th, 6th & 7th Grade)

Betsy has 2 students at Juniper Ridge. She enjoys exploring the world with them by going camping, hiking and traveling together during Christmas time. Her hobbies include beekeeping, watercolor painting, and canning and preserving home grown foods. She enjoys upholding native American traditions by attending native sweat lodges and similar ceremonies, drum circles, belly dancing. She enjoys supporting her local community by shopping, eating and dancing locally!