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Our extraordinarily caring, dedicated, and involved faculty and teachers are committed to public Waldorf educational values and ongoing training.

John Chalmers (Ninth Grade & High School Dean of Students)

John came to us from Thailand where he has been for the last seven years establishing a Waldorf high school outside of Bangkok. He is originally from California where he attended the University of California and California State University. He spent seven years in Los Angeles in the 1990’s the Director of Operations and eventually Vice President of a trendy Chinese herbal company and retail stores called the Tea Garden Herbal Emporiums but came back to Waldorf Education to teach at the Honolulu Waldorf School in 2002. He has been teaching high school humanities ever since that time. He loves to swim, surf, hike and power walk – ideally in nature – and is open to any invitations of enthusiastic and experienced guides. He is here with his daughter Samantha Jean, who will be in her last year of Kindergarten this year with Ms Beckie.






Coming SoonBriana Board (Ninth Grade Science)
Briana Board is pleased to be part of the JRCS 9th and 10th grade team for Science!  Originally from Oakridge, Oregon, Briana received her B.S. in Secondary Science Education from Montana State.  She has enjoyed teaching science in outdoor education programs both in Montana and right here in the Grand Valley at Colorado National Monument where she was a ranger.  When not at JRCS, she can be found ski patrolling at Powderhorn, helping at Rapid Creek Cycles in Palisade and having adventures with her family and hound dog, Otis.