Waldorf education at jrcs

Our Curriculum

With the Waldorf method of instruction, the class teacher involves the children in writing, reading, recitation, dramatic acting, painting, drawing, and movement. The teacher follows a rhythm, day to day, which begins with a  review of the previous day’s material, further development of the subject matter and then introduction of new material.


Though looping, the class teacher works with each child through a multi-year relationship, where the teacher is able to draw out the child’s strengths and focus more consistently and intensively in the weaker areas.


The students at Juniper Ridge Community School engage with a curriculum that integrates the sciences and humanities with art and practical activity, awakening children to the wonder and joy of learning.


The Waldorf Curriculum provides children with a gradual academic start that accelerates in the later grades. We believe that the young child establishes a stronger foundation when raised in an environment that supports them in developing social skills and integrates them into the rhythm of the seasons. This means that the Kindergarten is play-based and we do not expect or require that children can read before entering first grade. Waldorf students are generally caught up with their traditional public school counterparts by fifth grade, and by eighth grade will often outpace them.


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Middle School

“Waldorf education enables young people to be in love with the world as the world should be loved.”  ~  Marjorie Spock

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Juniper Ridge Community School is a proud member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.