Dear families, 

We are so excited to announce that our annual autumn festival will be experiencing some growth and transformation. Please read closely. 

Our dear naughty dragon has been retired and with his departure, our faculty have been busy reimagining and reinvigorating our festival.  This year we will be working with a new story that derives from the Crow Nation, “Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird”. With the blessing of the Crow Nation, we will be holding a school-wide pageant on October 1st to bring this story of bravery and ingenuity to life.  

This pageant is not intended as a public performance but rather a living experience for your children to live into the global archetypes presented within. 

Here is where parents can assist: Your children will need to bring in a shirt in specific colors by September 20th. The specific colors are listed below. Shirts should not have patterns or logos. If you are having any difficulties finding a shirt please let your children’s teachers know ASAP and we can help. 

Parents are welcome to attend as quiet spectators and the pageant will begin on the field at 10:30 a.m. If you are planning on attending please check into the office. We respectfully ask that there be no photography or filming. Come back for the school carnival in the evening starting at 5:00 for games and fun.

Grade Colors:

1st Baby Thunderbirds (purple shirts)

2nd Serpents (green shirts)

3rd Water (blue shirts)

4th Buffalo (brown shirts)

5th Fire (red, yellow, orange shirts)

6th Rocks (black, grey shirts)

7th Brave Wolf/people (white shirts)

8th Thunderbird (black attire)