Join us for the 2023 JRCS Walk-a-Thon!
One of our most enjoyable events of the school year is our annual Walk-a-thon. Students and supporters of Juniper Ridge Community School join together to enjoy a beautiful walk around campus and raise funds to help support our school!  Last year, we raised over $16,000. This year, we hope to raise over $18,000!

Who: All Students Grades 1-8
When: Friday, September 15, 2023

Where: JRCS (615 Community Lane, GJ, CO 81506)

How can I participate?
All students will participate in the Walk-a-Thon! Students may ask people to be “sponsors.” Sponsorship is a single donation and will not be based on laps or minutes walked. You may consider asking friends, family, neighbors, business associates, local businesses, or any other resource to support your child in the walk.

All Students will receive a Walk-a-Thon t-shirt and the class that raises the most money will win an ice cream party!!

How can I get sponsorships?
Students can collect money and record the amount and the sponsor’s name on the Pledge Form. Checks should be written to Juniper Ridge Community School. Pledge forms and money are due by Monday, September 18th.

Online: Donors can make donations by visiting our website at: and clicking on the student’s class button. Or you can forward them this email and they can click the appropriate button below. Please remind donors to include the student’s name on the checkout form so proper credit is given.


All donations (online and in-person) are tax deductible. The school’s Tax ID is 45-518556.

Why fundraise?
Fundraising is a fun and essential part of growing our school. It helps close the gap between the core funding we receive and the actual cost of educating each student and meeting the needs of a successful school.  All the funds each student raises go directly to their class. These funds help to cover the cost of field trips, activities, and classroom needs.

It is fitting that the name of our school is Juniper Ridge Community School because only a community can come together and create successful events. Thank you for all you do!v