Who We Are

Our Team

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team, composed of approximately 50 faculty and staff members, is honored to serve Juniper Ridge Community School.

Kathleen Mumaw Head of School / Pedagogical Director kmumaw@juniperridgeschool.org
Judy Drake Assistant Head of School jdrake@juniperridgeschool.org
Brenda Chesney Marketing & Communication Director bchesney@juniperridgeschool.org
Lynne Habberfield School Finance Officer lhabberfield@juniperridgeschool.org
Tammy Myers Office and HR Manager / Assessment Coordinator tmyers@juniperridgeschool.org
Support Staff
Lisa Bond JRCS Secretary – Student Records lbond@juniperridgeschool.org
David Erwin Maintenance derwin@juniperridgeschool.org
Rachel Fischer JRCS Secretary – Attendance Records rfischer@juniperridgeschool.org
Sarah Mackie Custodian smackie@juniperridgeschool.org
Megan Murray School RN megan.murray@d51schools.org
Kindergarten Teachers
Carlee Dietrich Kindergarten Teacher cdietrich@juniperridgeschool.org
Amy Gilowski Kindergarten Teacher agilowski@juniperridgeschool.org
Diana Soto Kindergarten Teacher dsoto@juniperridgeschool.org
Elizabeth Guzman Kindergarten Assistant eguzman@juniperridgeschool.org
Afton Hollstein Kindergarten Assistant ahollstein@juniperridgeschool.org
Grades Teachers
Brandon Kohn 1st Grade bkohn@juniperridgeschool.org
Ashli Robertson 1st Grade arobertson@juniperridgeschool.org
Sarah Creighton 1st Grade Assistant screighton@juniperridgeschool.org
Jaime Gustafson 1st Grade Assistant jgustafson@juniperridgeschool.org
Cassandra Edwards 2nd Grade cedwards@juniperridgeschool.org
Kayli Hamaker 2nd Grade khamaker@juniperridgeschool.org
Mary Benepe-Sytsma 3rd Grade msytsma@juniperridgeschool.org
Blythe Rusling 3rd Grade brusling@juniperridgeschool.org
Mark Carter 4th Grade mcarter@juniperridgeschool.org
Theis Ouano 4th Grade touano@juniperridgeschool.org
Britt Kuhns 5th Grade bkuhns@juniperridgeschool.org
Jessie Torfin 5th Grade jtorfin@juniperridgeschool.org
Amie LaChapelle 6th Grade alachapelle@juniperridgeschool.org
Natalie Pipe 6th Grade npipe@juniperridgeschool.org
Nicole Fitzgerald 7th Grade nfitzgerald@juniperridgeschool.org
Danielle Ortiz 7th Grade dortiz@juniperridgeschool.org
Kresta Christensen 8th Grade kchristensen@juniperridgeschool.org
Renske Kincaid 8th Grade rkincaid@juniperridgeschool.org
Addison Eng 1st /2nd / 4th Assistant aeng@juniperridgeschool.org
Special’s Teachers
Ivan Gygi Band Teacher igygi@juniperridgeschool.org
Melissa Herald Art Teacher mherald@juniperridgeschool.org
Aaron Jenkins Choir Teacher ajenkins@juniperridgeschool.org
Angel Martin Handwork Teacher amartin@juniperridgeschool.org
Sarah Reagin Garden Educator sreagin@juniperridgeschool.org
Jon Rizzo Woodwork Teacher jrizzo@juniperridgeschool.org
Stephani Soto Spanish Teacher ssoto@juniperridgeschool.org
Tamara Steinman Games Teacher tsteinman@juniperridgeschool.org
Three Streams
Robert Bledsoe Behavior Interventionist rbledsoe@juniperridgeschool.org
Erica Christian Behavior Interventionist echristian@juniperridgeschool.org
Sheri Heath Behavioral Therapist / Social Inclusion sheath@juniperridgeschool.org
Sarah Miller Behavior Interventionist smiller@juniperridgeschool.org
Amy Nordquist On-Site Sub / Behavior Interventionist anordquist@juniperridgeschool.org
Special Education
Katelyn Collins Psychologist katelyn.collins@d51schools.org
Alice Dussart Special Education Teacher adussart@juniperridgeschool.org
Jennifer Greenwood Special Education Teacher jgreenwood@juniperridgeschool.org
Jo-Zan Kirk Reading Interventionist jkirk@juniperridgeschool.org
Tristan Landers-Morris Reading Interventionist tmorris@juniperridgeschool.org
Elizabeth McManus Para emcmanus@juniperridgeschool.org
Amanda Rabe Math Interventionist arabe@juniperridgeschool.org
Amber Rose Para arose@juniperridgeschool.org
Amber Wright Para awright@juniperridgeschool.org
Juniper Ridge Community School

615 Community Lane

Grand Junction, CO 81506

(970) 986-8219


Juniper Ridge Community School is a proud member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.