Student Support Services

Three Streams

Most of the time our children are doing well at school. They are “in the flow.” Sometimes, though, they
experience challenges. For one reason or another they feel out of kilter with their teacher and
classmates. Their challenges may have to do with the social realm (“They’re being mean to me.”);
learning challenges (“Everyone knows how to read except me.”); or, occasionally, acting out,
misbehavior, or non-compliant behavior (“I don’t have to if I don’t want to; you can’t make me.”)
Social and emotional well-being is a prerequisite for academic success. Juniper Ridge Community School is
committed to providing a foundation for healthy learning by supporting those students who are
experiencing challenges. This commitment is the foundation of the curriculum and the heart of our work
at JRCS. We have adopted our Three Care Streams of Student Support process in order to
provide as much support as possible for students who are experiencing social, disciplinary, or learning
challenges. It is based on the work of Kim John Payne, who is respected worldwide for helping children,
parents, and teachers navigate challenge as well as conflict.

Amy Nordquist

On-site Sub/Behavioral Interventionist


Erica Christian

Behavioral Interventionist


Robert Bledsoe

Behavioral Interventionist


Sarah Miller

Behavioral Interventionist


Sherri Heath

School Counselor


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Juniper Ridge Community School is a proud member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.