ALL D51 schools will operate on a 2-hour late start tomorrow, February 16, 2023.

After today’s storm, single-digit temperatures are forecasted for tomorrow morning. These low temperatures cause potentially icy road conditions and are extremely cold for our students who walk/bike to school and have to wait for school buses to arrive. After consulting with various organizations including the City of Grand Junction, Mesa County, CDOT, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, we have made the proactive decision to delay the start of school tomorrow by two hours for the safety of our students, families, and staff. This will allow time for the City of Grand Junction and Mesa County road crews to address the road conditions for the morning commute, allow time for temperatures to rise, and give our families more time to prepare.

Both in-person and virtual learning students will begin classes two hours later tomorrow allowing time for all staff and students to safely travel to school and work.

Before-school programs will be closed tomorrow morning, but after-school care will be open.